Adventure sports

It's Time to Start Your Adventures


Paragliding is the closest humans can get to the feeling of flying like a bird. It is a fun, safe way to experience flight in its simplest form. You simply lay out a wing on a hillside or mountain, inflate it over your head like a kite, run a few steps and before you know it you've stepped off into the sky!

Best Place To do Paragliding is Manali


Rafting is a adventurous sport in which the objective is to navigate downstream on river rapids using an inflated raft. It is considered an extreme sport which is highly challenging and risky, and requires a great deal of teamwork.

Best Places To do Rafting are Coorg and Darjeeling


Trekking is another word for walking. However, the word trekking has become better known for the kind of walking, which takes you along trails winding up, down, over and around mountains.

Best Places To do Trekking are Manali, Darjeeling and Shimla


skiing is the sport of sliding down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings. It is also commonly known as downhill skiing, although that also incorporates different styles.

Best Place To do Skiing is Manali

Why Outdoor Adventure ?

Outdoor Adventures have following advantages

  • It helps to improve our personality
  • Apart from physical exercise it is also a good mental exercise
  • It improves our behaviour.

What You Get

 You will have the following benefits

  • Private Hike: Go on private hike on a mountain
  • Easy Transportation services
  • Friendly Trainers to train you for your adventure